Name of God

This book “GOD’s SIGNATURE” is not a religious essay. It is the result of an unprecedented investigation presenting conclusions that, at the very least, will provide good food for thought. The fact of verifying the signature of a creator carries important philosophical, ethical, and spiritual consequences. Among other things, the Name of God defines the meaning of human existence and our role in creation.

The Name of God is a matrix of numbers that configures realities as diverse as DNA, the pillars of mathematics, and ancient belief systems that are still valid today. The matrix also identifies that it is God's own Name and, therefore, the creator's signature. However, you don't need to be good at math or calculations to follow the developments presented in the book “GOD’s SIGNATURE”.


The structure, symmetries, and operations within this matrix lay the foundation for such influential and disparate ancient belief systems as: The Tao, I Ching, Astrology, Tetraktys, Atman and Brahman, Kabbalah, and even DNA..


This matrix generates the three key numbers that order the universe: Phi, the golden ratio, in nature; Pi, in geometry; and "e" in calculus. It allows us to deduce the role of the human being in creation and grants us the power to make wishes come true.

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This book presents the results of many years of research, analyzing facts, studying history, and considering paradigms outside the rigid structures of the excessively religious and the excessively scientific. A secret hidden for ages is finally brought to light.

The proof that there is a creator


The Name of God is a matrix of numbers that defines our culture, it also defines science, and provides a meaning for the existence of the human being. This matrix is the common denominator of all numbers up to infinity. Curious? Amazed? I was too. And I want to share this knowledge with you.

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Summoning Power
We all have the power to alter our own reality. Why? Because the human being has been made in the image and likeness of God. We have the ability to create, just like the creator.
The Name Formula
The Name of God is a formula, a spell that structures a process that allows us to materialize our desires. This invocation must comply with some parameters to work efficiently.
To Believe is to Create
We all can benefit from this power. It is real. BELIEVING is CREATING: Defining a wish, imagining it, charging it with emotion, and feeling that it comes true. It works!

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About the Author

Willy M. Olsen – Author of the book and documentary Film: God's Signature

Willy M. Olsen is the author of the books: THE SIGNATURE OF GOD and THE VERSES OF PANDORA, both are the result of an unparallel research about the power of God's Name.

You may order the books in paper or electronic format from any online bookstore. You may also watch the Documentary for free on YouTube.

This section presents a press kit on the books written by Willy M. Olsen: “The Verses of Pandora” and “God's Signature”. Find news, interviews, radio talks, TV...

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