About the Author - Willy M. Olsen

In this book, Willy M. Olsen presents the book God's Signature, the result of many years of research, analyzing facts, studying history, and considering paradigms outside the rigid structures of the excessively religious and the excessively scientific.

I do not consider myself an enlightened person or a guru.

Academically, I have a doctorate in communication and two careers; I know the rigor that good research entails and the importance of adequately referencing the conclusions, but I have also found that a thesis is tremendously boring and not very informative on too many occasions. Therefore, my objective with this book is not to carry out a work of scholarship but to explain enjoyably and affordably, in short, to communicate!

Communication is the way to share knowledge. It is very different from informing. To inform is to machine-gun an audience with data. Communication ensures that the receiver understands the message and receives it, which requires more work. This book is my attempt to communicate and share a worthwhile discovery with you.

The Name of God is a matrix of numbers: the creator's signature. The origin of this matrix and the multiple approaches it develops are the objective of these pages. I did not dedicate myself to matching numbers at random to see if they more or less added up with sufficient justification to write such a book. This matrix has always been inherent in numbers and always will be. I have been lucky enough to see it, to intuit that there was something special behind that peculiar configuration of figures, to fit pieces and more pieces together until I realized that it was the very signature of the creator.

I do not consider myself a career writer. Still, at a certain point in my life, I decided that I should share many of the things that I had discovered. For this reason, I launched myself into the arduous task of writing a novel entitled “The Verses of Pandora” (so far, it is only available in Spanish, my native language). This book analyzes all human knowledge disguised as an extensive historical and adventure novel. “The Verses of Pandora” presents a journey of initiation that culminates in the Name of God. However, I realized that in this world, in which time is the scarcest resource, another more concise dissemination format was needed to synthesize the fascinating intricacies of the matrix. This book you are holding is the result.

I consider myself a lucky and successful person, understanding success not as famous but as being able to contribute to those around me and receive their love and company. I am also fortunate because I have learned to live with what I need and to need enough to live comfortably, escaping the incessant trap of more and more, better and newer.

And, of course, the matrix that I present in this book is not mine. It is God's Signature. I am simply acting as the disseminator. I will introduce it to you, and once you know it, you may decide what to do with it.


The book "God's Signature" is dedicated to the Creator with all my thanks.

If something differentiates our current time from other periods in our history, it is the abundance of information. Never before have there been so many informational resources at our disposal: books, the internet, forums, TV... Yet, ironically, we have not suffered from so much uncertainty before.

The excess of information overwhelms us but does not nourish the certainties, the pillars of our beliefs. So today, many people are not clear on what they believe; they get carried away by this wave of over-stimulation in which our culture surfs. And then, when those inevitable moments come, they raise existential depression, and crises arise when life slaps us.

One of the concepts that have been trapped in this information network has been that of a creator, and I call him a creator because God is a sifted word with excessive religious connotations, and this book is not. However, the big question remains. Where have we come from? Why are we here?

The idea of ​​a creator has been circumscribed to one of the many data trapped in this massive network of information when it is precisely this idea that constitutes the very ocean in which the other concepts have been immersed.

The creator is the cornerstone from which reality is built and the key to giving meaning to our existence. However, God has had the habit of walking discreetly behind the scenes, interacting with the characters on stage with the discretion of a prompter, invisible to the spectators, who, trapped by the narrative, suspect with insecurity that perhaps there could be a script directing their actions. Emotional swings. However, the creator of this work never appears on stage, except perhaps at the end when the applause sounds.

I have been fortunate to notice the poster of this beautiful play, and there, among its credits, is the director's signature. Of course, you need to pay attention, not be dazzled by the film's protagonists, get caught up in its succulent narrative, or rummage through the continuous string of credits that contribute to its production. Yet, in a place as discreet as the protagonist, there is the signature of the author of this work of art that makes up our existence. So…

Thank you, creator, for allowing me to transform into certainty what is usually sustained by the ethereal solidity of faith.

Thank you, creator, for inspiring me to develop this research and share this knowledge.

Thank you, God, for giving meaning to your creation and signing your work with beautiful elegance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Willy M. Olsen

Author of the God's Signature Book and Documentary