How to make wishes come true?

Man is in the likeness of God in terms that we share the power to CREATE. This power allows us to make our wishes come true and to change our reality.

How is this power invoked?

The Name of God itself is unpronounceable because it is basically a formula. It is a structure. And it is not pronounced with words either. YHVH's name is actually a summoning spell.



So, there are four precepts that are fundamental for the correct invocation of the Name of God, Mom! Father! or whatever you call the Higher Being.

  1. One is the acceptance of the results, whatever they may be.
  2. Another is asking for what we need while striving to achieve it ourselves.
  3. Another is to request it at the right time and place.
  4. And finally, to receive whatever the results with gratitude.

But there is still another fundamental element to complete this process: the strength of our request, the power to pronounce the Name. This potency is directly proportional to our spiritual integrity. What is that? Well, simply the level of coherence between what we believe and how we behave. You should conduct your life according to what you truly believe deep down. I'm not going to discuss what those values ​​should be; to each its own. But know that spiritual integrity is key and it is directly proportional to our summoning power.

Summoning instructions have been written in many ways throughout history. In my novel “The Verses of Pandora”, I address many examples of new perspectives of understanding our past.



The name of God structures a process that allows us to materialize our desires.





The first level of the name is a letter. It is the one that provides the power to the spell. This force is the WILL. It is the primordial energy. The 1, if you remember the meanings of the numbers. The power of our will is directly proportional to our spiritual integrity since no one can develop his integrity without tremendous willpower.



The second level of the name is two letters. This level reconciles what can and cannot be of our request. It unites the will of the creator with ours. It represents the combination of BELIEVING with GRATEFULNESS. We should be grateful for the manifestation of our request regardless of whether it is fulfilled. We must believe in its materialization no matter how. We must not tell the universe how to do its job. Just focus on the end goal. The process is unknowable.



The third level points to balancing the force of the will and turning it into a well-defined creative action. The Name of God is pronounced in a universal language that combines three elements (letters): a FIRM INTENTION, which is a well-focused willpower; the action of MENTAL IMAGES or imagination; and the EMOTIONAL INTENSITY connected to the desire that we intend to manifest. The balanced combination of these three elements generates creation. This power works as a bow when fired. The will is the force that tightens the string; the emotion is located at one end of the bow, and the mental image on the other end. If both ends of the bow are not balanced, the arrow will deflect without hitting the target; that is, our desire will not manifest.



The fourth level details the actual process of the spell of creation per se; however, this formula will not work if it is not supported by the elements already described in the three previous levels.

1st- Opening. Formulate a defined desire.

The more defined and accurate the better chance of materialization.

2nd- Imagine its materialization visually.

It can also be defined in words, but it is more effective to visualize it.

3rd- Load this image with emotion.

Feel the effect that the materialization of your desire produces in our life. Believe in its realization.

4th- Closure of the spell. Don't think about it again.

Although, we may recreate the emotions that our desire generates in us. We may remember it and feel grateful for its manifestation, regardless of when it may materialize.


BELIEVING is CREATING: Defining a wish, imagining it, charging it with emotion, and feeling that it comes true.


Mastering this spell is not easy, although it is affordable for everyone. A sincere prayer is an example as ancient as it is current of its effective execution. However, not all prayers work since not everyone prays in the same way, with the same implication, or with the same spiritual integrity.

Next, I will clarify several important details to clarify why this formula of invocation of the power of the Name of God usually fails.


Sincere prayer with full intention is the simplest way to perform this spell. It works!






  1. Spell Opening:

Any spell aiming to be effective must begin with an opening invocation in which your attitude and compliance with the premises described must be evident. It can be a simple sentence, an action, or both. Here I provide an example taken from a historical and archaeological mystery that I have been able to decipher after 9 centuries of hiding.

"IN THE NAME OF GOD. Thy will be done yesterday, today, and always, in Heaven and on Earth. I, the summoner, request the opening of this work. Guide me to hear the word and do your will. Be it how this work shall close. "


  1. Spell Formulation:

It is necessary to create a mental image of what you intend to manifest. Here, emotions come into play. If the image is not exciting, the mind will wander, and this image will be diluted among a carousel of other images. If you have tried meditating, you know what I mean. It takes a sufficient degree of emotional charge for an image to stick in your mental window. Once fixed, you must explore how this image makes you feel, what it means to you, and how it may affect your life. Finally, you must imbue the image with the same feeling that it would produce in you if it were real. The mind is terribly reluctant to hold any image fixed for more than a few moments, so it is not a big deal if you let it go and retrieve it back later like a fisherman dealing with a fish on his hook.


  1. Past, PRESENT, and future:

Using the present tense is important to reaffirm your subconscious belief in the materialization of desire. Verbal actions such as "I would like" or "I will have" may manifest a reality that will always remain in the conditional possibility or the future. You have to bring things to the present. Create them internally in your present. We all exist in an eternal present within ourselves. That is where your power of creation should be concentrated.

Try not to use words but images attached to the emotions they generate. Visualization lacks verb tense, and for that reason, it is more effective. Still, words inevitably get into the process since the thought is largely the consequence of an incessant internal dialogue. So any words should focus on the present and the positive.


  1. The negative attracts the negative:

There is not a “no” in the universal language. For example, if you want a car and clarify that you want this car but not this other one, you risk generating a subconscious mental image of the car that you DO NOT want. Additionally, you may attach enough emotional charge to manifest itself to that image, even if it is an emotional charge of disgust. Ultimately, you may even be attracting the car you dislike instead of the one you like. Fear works in this way. The more something frightens us, the more intensely we attract it to happen. Therefore, you must focus on the positive and build in the direction of the manifestation of your desire.


  1. What to ask for?

God respects our free will as well as our decisions.

So, you cannot ask someone to love you if they do not want to; you cannot alter the will of another being. The power of God's name is not limited to attracting material things, although this seems to be the main interest of people today. You can use this power to heal both your past and your present. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your power as a creator.

Be careful with the money!

A very common mistake is asking for money in order to buy the manifestation of our desire. Big mistake! Money is a creation of people; it is a cultural contract between human beings. It is the result of an agreement of our free will. The power to manifest your desires does not work on free will, so it will not work to attract money. Money is just a mean to get goods and services. So, an effective material desire must focus on those goods or services if that is what you are looking for in your life.

Asking for health, good sense, happiness, and well-being.

Asking for fulfillment and happiness can lead to uncomfortable results because they are states that result from our inner being and not from any material acquisitions. The universe might derail us from our current state to drive us out of our comfort zone so we may learn a new inner state from which happiness, fulfillment and even health may be experienced. You have to trust the process. It’s worth it.


  1. Trust:

You don't need to tell God how to do the job. We should not be concerned with how our desire will manifest. For example, if we ask for a car, we may win that car in a raffle, someone may lend it to us for any season, and we could find it in the form of a bargain that we can afford to pay… God works in mysterious ways. Accept it!


  1. True Magic:

Magic is a way we can intervene and alter reality. Magic allows our individual creation space. Magic seeks the path of most negligible impact to manifest an intention in the created reality. It doesn't work like the movies. If we wish to be elsewhere, magic will not automatically teleport us, but it will conspire to facilitate our displacement to that place. We must believe that our wish will be fulfilled to activate the magic. Our wish must be in harmony with God’s will. We must feel that we deserve it, that this new reality that we conjure up is better by our side. Believing is creating. If you have doubts, then you do not believe. In the magic world, first, you jump into the abyss, and then your wings grow.


Inner integrity determines the potency of our ability to invoke and manifest a desire.


  1. It doesn't work!

The power to conjure is directly proportional to spiritual integrity. If the target is too far for your power, the arrow will not reach it. Start with goals that are within your sphere of reach. As you gain in power, you will also do such in reach and capacity.

If the spell doesn't work, it may not be the time.

Remember the importance of acceptance.

We have seen that the purpose of human existence is to learn and evolve; therefore, any wishes that contribute to your learning tend to be fulfilled, and those who seek "cheating your progress" do not.

Let’s continue with the example of the bow. It is okay to practice aiming and shooting multiple arrows. But the completion of each shot must be well done. If the shots remain energetically connected, the spell will dilute its power more and more with each repetition. Here is an example. If it is said that a woman is beautiful, she should be quite pretty. If it is said that a woman is intelligent, she should be quite clever. But if it is said that a woman is beautiful and smart, we no longer perceive that she could be as beautiful and intelligent. We have diluted the potency of each attribute. We won't even believe it if it is said that she is pretty, intelligent, nice, and fun. That’s too much together! The correct closing of a spell prevents diluting its power.


  1. Spell Closing.

This is where most other tools attempting to alter or influence reality fail. The spell's duration may be just a few minutes or much longer. Time is not the determining factor for a spell's effectiveness. The quality and intensity of our internal process are. A longer duration does not imply a more powerful spell. On the contrary, a longer duration may easily disperse our concentration and dilute the power of our invocation. Closing is like turning on a light switch. You do it, and that’s it. Otherwise, you risk turning off the light again or spoil it if you insist repeatedly. The closing is key to the effectiveness of the spell.

You have invoked energies, shaped them, and propelled them towards a precisely defined goal. If you do not close the spell, these energies remain attached to you and cannot carry out their mission. Closing is when you release the arrow from a bow. Once the arrow has been released, that's it. You will hit the target if you have aimed well and with enough power. Otherwise, you will fail. There is nothing else to do but trust the process and be grateful for whatever the outcome. You must close the invocation process by means of an act, prayer, or formula, which can be as simple as "Amen" or in line with the example I provided in the spell opening:

"This work is closed, as God commands."


If you want to know more ... Yearn for knowledge! Then, the right tools will come to you!